GDPR & Brexit – UK 3rd Country likely to increase staff dangers

As my last post highlighted the biggest danger to your compliance with the forthcoming GDPR could be your staff, whether as a malicious act but more likely due to lack of training. However, as you are their employer you will be responsible for any damage suffered by individuals whose personal information is unlawfully released. We … Continued

Calamity of errors no laughing matter for a health company

A private health company has been fined £200,000 for failing to keep fertility patients’ personal information secure. HCA International Ltd owns a number of private hospitals including the Lister Hospital in London. The hospital provides a range of treatments to private clients including IVF treatment. Handwritten notes made by doctors during consultations with patients were … Continued

Individual Directors and not only their organisation to be liable from Spring 2017 for breaches of the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003

Matt Hancock MP Minister of State for Digital and Culture has said that the Government would be joining forces with the ICO and other organisations to tackle nuisance calls. From Spring 2017 firm directors can be find up to £500,000 by the ICO if they are found in breach of the to be amended Privacy and … Continued

Facebook and WhatsApp data sharing angers Germany’s Regulator

The German data protection regulator has ordered Facebook to stop collecting user data from its WhatsApp and delete any data it has already received as he wants to protect the privacy of the 35m users of the App in Germany. WhatsApp is a free downloadable messenger app for smartphones. While it charges for using its services it … Continued

Named Person information sharing not legal

The Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the information sharing provisions of Part 4 of the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014 were outwith the competence of the Scottish Parliament. Information sharing was to be through the Named Person created by Part 4 of the Act. The Scottish Government wants to create a proactive system that … Continued

Data Protection and social media

A 14 year old Northern Irish school girl has been successful in continuing with her  legal action against Facebook when a naked photograph of her was posted on the social network. Although Facebook said the naked picture was taken down as soon as it was told the Court refused Facebook’s attempt to have the proceedings stopped. … Continued

Employers and home working

As traditional modes of working have evolved with technological advances, home working has become an ever more popular working environment. Yet employers need to be vigilant. They are required to ensure that they have appropriate technical and organisational measures in place against accidental loss of personal information. No measures can be 100% secure. What is … Continued